Supercharge your diet with Healthy Asparagus Juice


Our Wye Valley asparagus can now be found in B.fresh’s ‘Supercharged’ #Greenspears cold pressed juice. A delicious mix of Wye Valley asparagus, apple, cucumber and hints of spinach and lime, which are all cold-pressed at the B.fresh Shropshire farm. You’ll enjoy lots of superpower benefits with this healthy asparagus juice…

  • Love Doctor – “Hello Spring. I’m a natural aphrodisiac. I’m rich in folic acid, vitamin B6 and E to stimulate the senses and make you feel good.”
  • Hangover Cure – “I’m the perfect pick me up after a late night. My green vegetable spears contain magic amino acid and minerals, helping to receive the toxic effects of alcohol.”
  • Germ Fighter – “I’ll keep the baddies at bay as I’m packed with vitamins and nutrients. My Vitamin E keeps skin looking healthy and young. Also, my iron and rutin will boost your body’s immune system.”
  • Healthy Bone Builder – “I’m full of Vitamin K to keep your bones healthy and prevent heart disease and blood clotting.”

B.fresh are third generation farmers, after our own heart, who have grown salad leaf, whole-head lettuce and spinach for the past twenty years. As home juicers for a number of years, Philip Maddocks, noted a lack of British grown and produced Cold Pressed Juice, and so decided to do it himself. He got busy, pulled the team together, designed and built a bespoke juicing facility on his farm in Shropshire, and developed the B.fresh brand.

Most produce is grown on the farm and brought fresh into the juicery for pressing and bottling, but where seasonality or climate limit, B.fresh have well established relationships with growers, such as us at Wye Valley, who are pleased to be supplying B.fresh with asparagus during the British asparagus season.

All the juices are cold-pressed – Which means the produce goes through a series of press rollers, which gives a fabulously smooth, and pulp free juice without using any heat. The importance of not using heat is to retain the highest level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals as possible. The juices are then mixed to make up their delicious recipes.

To ensure the cold pressed, bottled juice arrives to you fresh, and still bursting with all of its nutrients, a method called HPP is used (High Pressure Processing). The process both makes the juice safe and gives it shelf life, keeping all the flavour and goodness of a raw juice. A replacement to pasteurization. B.fresh juices can be found in Ocado, Sainsburys and Asda and #Greenspears can be purchased online at their website for £2.50 per bottle.